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"Rental Software has been the most useful and easiest to use piece of software I've encountered." Nikolett Fourget

"Awesome program. I found Rental Software intuitive, easy-to-use, and easy to produce professional quality results"
Szilard Hajdu, Möbel Holdings

"Downloaded it, tested it, bought it! Great product! Easy to use! Good price."
Dawson Kirko









Latest languages file support: Danish

Installation Instructions:
1. Left-click the download link of the language you want to download and save the language file (LNG) into the c:\rental\language directory.
2. Start Rental-Software, goto Tools -> Change Language... and select your language.
3. Restart the software. That's it!



Last update/available


English  Sára Vajda  2008-04-10 /included in program!   [1.x]
French  Sylvaind Guerin  2008-10-09/download from here -->   [1.x]
Spanish  Oskar Ruiz  2008-09-29/download from here -->   [1.x]


 Gilmar Mendes  2009-02-01/download from here -->   [1.x]


 Marco Vinci  2008-11-01/download from here -->   [1.x]
Swedish ...  2008-11-01/download from here -->   [1.x]
Brazilian-Portuguese  Juliano Costai  2009-07-06/download from here -->   [1.x]
       Nederlands    2009-12-12/download from here -->   [1.x]
       Norwegian  Svein Hesthagen  2010-10-21/download from here -->   [1.x]
        Danish  Materiel Udlejning  2012-03-27/download from here -->   [1.x]

Thanks to the authors for maintaining translations!

If you have any new language file, please send us the file! We send FREE 1 license for you!

Creating a new Translation

First of all send an e-mail to the developer ( to request a source language file (english) or download any language file.

The developer will send you a file called "english.lng". Copy this file and rename it to "<YourLanguage>.lng". Now open it with your favorite text editor.

You can see english strings in first & second row. In first row: name of your language, in second row: version of your file & your name & your contact email.

You now just need to replace all English strings by the ones of your language. Do not translate or delete the English strings in first & second row!

Copy your language file to c:\rental\language directory.

If you have any new language file, please send us the file! We send FREE 1 license for you!

Unfortunatelly, we support the program in English only!

Our team do not speak Norwegian, Czech, Greek, etc.

For the other languages:

Before you install the software, update for your operating system!

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sport tools, machines, working tools, ships, yachts, delta, dresses, clothing, costumes, insturments, theater/event accessories, furnitures . . .


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