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Software for rental shop / SCREENSHOTS
Rental, sales and inventory functions, Fast and easy management of your rental services

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Business statistics - monthly I.

Business statistics - monthly II.

Query contract with different filters

View items from contracts

User managment

Item history

Rental procedure

Rental procedure with change calculator

Item history on printerview

80 mm printer support (invoice)

Associated documents, images

 View item reservation calendar

Client/costumer detail (add & modify)

Create/modify price structure

Create/modify items with item-groups

User menu structure

Contract query on printerview

Receip for rental

Contract for rental

Inventory export/import

Sample: Rental contract with MS-Word




Use the software in your workshop:
Sport tools, Machines, working tools,Ships, yachts, delta,Dresses, clothing, costumes, Insturments, theater/event accessories, furnitures . . .

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