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Label Wizard makes it fun and easy to print out professional address labels onto any self adhesive label sheets. Compatible with all laser and inkjet printers, no complicated user manuals to read. Better value than a dymo etc.

Label Wizard has been designed with ease of use in mind and contains WYSIWYG technology, (What you see is what you get), so the labels appear on screen exactly as they appear when printed out. Labels can be enabled/disabled with the click of the mouse.

The application is fully configurable for all sheet sizes and label sizes, so if you see some great value label sheets whilst at your local supermarket we can guarantee that Label Wizard WILL work with them, it's a fully configurable system. You can save each configuration as a setup file, so you can build up a library of setup files.

YES! Compatible with all printers (WinXP).
YES! Get your FREE 45 Day Trial Download .
YES! Super easy to setup and use.
YES! Use your own logo graphic (.bmp file).
YES! Use a full graphic for product labels (.bmp file).
YES! Lifetime registration key for just $19.95.
YES! Address recovery function.

If you print packing labels out for your home business or you just want to give your mail the edge (great for CV posting!) then we recommend you treat yourself to Label Wizard, you will soon start to save yourself time and money. It's so quick and easy to use that you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Label Wizard allows you to import any BMP file and use it as a logo on your labels. Also incorporated into the application is a smart auto sizing text engine, this means that every label always gets the best layout without the user having to worry, it's all automatic!

Mail card labels with cute festive logos on the address label are always warmly received. You can also use Label Wizard to print out business cards, wedding invitation cards, membership cards etc. It really is a powerful and easy to use labelling tool!

Just how easy is it to use?

Label Wizard has been designed for speed and ease of use, you don't need to wade through a user manual the size of a phonebook in order to get great results. Here are the typical steps you'll employ to quickly create a professional looking address label:

  1. Grab an A4 label sheet, make a note of which label position/s you want to print to and load the sheet into your printers feed tray.

  2. Open Label Wizard, right click a label and paste or type your customers address into the text box that appears.

  3. Left click the label that you wish to print out, labels that will be printed appear brighter, you can see four labels are selected in the right hand screen shot.

  4. Press print... Bingo, you've got a high quality label in seconds!

Screen shot of the setup window

Easy Setup

Label Wizard Professional prints labels on to any type of label sheets.The user is able to set various parameters that define the labels format. Number of rows, number of columns, colours etc.Because we give you full control over the setup of Label Wizard, you can use it to print on just about ALL available self adhesive label sheets!

Different setup files can be saved/loaded as .LWP files so you can build up a library of different label types for use as and when you need them.

Professional Looking

Label Wizard produces professional looking labels every time thanks to its smart sizing text engine.

Basically, Label Wizard looks at the text that it has to print and makes sure that it just fits into the available area.

So if you have a long address it will use a small font to accomodate it. Wheras a smaller address will use a larger font.

This gives enhanced readability, thus reducing the chance of your post being misdelivered, undelivered or otherwise lost.

The address label is the first thing your customers see upon receiving your product. A high quality address label will give you a much stronger presence in the eyes of your customers.