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S  O  F  T  W A R E



We are an independent software development company which is present on the market with uniqe and customized softwares.

The past 15 years' success is thanks to solutions that are cost effective and easy to instal. All of our colleagues gained experience in information technology over several years and, since the appereance of personal computers in 1984, work as software developers.

Beside ad hoc engagement agreements, we produced several softwares for general use especially for companies. As of 2004 Microsoft promotes our work also, under the EMPOWER ISV programme's contract.


Our leading product is the ESC - Rental Software for Windows, that we first launched in our local market, then expanded its sale to the European Union and finally on the whole international market. It is a Windows version of a conventional DOS based system, answering today's demands. A system that was based on uniqe plans, that, because of its success, we finally made available on all over the world market. Our best seller markets are medium sized rental companies of the USA, Asia and the EU.


Our aim is to widely distribute a low cost and effective system, that is easy to install, and by that helping our partners' business growing faster on the whole world.




Use the software in your workshop:
Sport tools, Machines, working tools,Ships, yachts, delta,Dresses, clothing, costumes, Insturments, theater/event accessories, furnitures . . .

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