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ESC Rental Software for rental shops

Rental, sales and inventory functions. Fast and easy management of your rental services

You can use the software in stores for:
sport tools, machines, working tools, ships, yachts, delta, dresses, inflatable jumpers, bounce houses, planning, moonwalkclothing, costumes, insturments, theater/event accessories, furnitures . . .


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Associated documents,
images for items and clients


Query contract with different filters

Query contract with items


Customer accounts

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Operator - friendly. user-friendly interface allows even for temporary and seasonal staff with no knowledge of computers to carry out all rental procedures after only a short training period. Any kind of standard input tool can be used for the every day work with the system (e.g. touchscreen, penpoint, keyboard or/and mouse).

In 1998 we technicaly updated our software system: we prepared the Windows version  (Windows 98) [Code-name Apollo] of the earlier DOS based software, which is now suitable for unrestricted number of workstations.

Supported OS version:
Windows2000, NT, ME, XP
We think we managed to develop a software which meets today's requirements: it is compatible with the existing standards, softwares and hardwares; the operation systems can be connected to other Windows- based applications of the organization; can be easily extended and adjusted to the needs of future applications.
The software system is suitable for networks also, secures simultanious access of unrestricted number of workstations.
Supported Network OS:
All Microsoft Networks (NT, 2000,2003. Small Business, etc.)
Novell Netware 3.12 --> 6.
All Linux distributions

The system does not need the existence of any other software, according to our experiences it works reliably even in ordinary Windows enviroment. Only minimal technical requirement is needed for operating of the system. For installation and putting into operation there is no need for special knowledge in informatics, we provide all needed information.

ESC - Rental procedures flowchart

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Central database. ESC-Rental software solution allows you direct access to the central database, i.e. the data is updated in real-time and always available - even among networked branches - and there is no need for complicated data adjustment.

Rental fee. The software support hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rental periods.

Rental items. About all items placed in the inventory you can store all necessary information, like type, size, brand, value, rental and selling price, status (under repair/sold/rented), etc.
Based on these information it is possible to:

- search data quickly and easily
- list to screen or printer
- rapid data correction
- quick build up of inventory by copying the existing data
- insert associated documents/images (view, diagrams, data sheet, damages)
- rental history
- reservation calendar

Customer rental card. Each customer gets a free card which contains his/her data. It makes the purchase and rental procedure faster & easier. By that you can make special promotions for returning clients. The software scans the expired clients documents. (credit & id. card, driver license, etc)

Need a label software
for creating rental customer card and item labels? Only 19.95 $.

Click here to Download & try
the Free Label Wizard DEMO!

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19.95 $


Reservation. Easy and fast reservation procedure for a single or group of  items by using customer rental card, barcode system or any other identification codes.

Sale of rental items. If a customer wishes to buy a rental item,  the system automatically suggests a sale price for the used item based on an included calculation of its use. The calculation of the sale price can be set by the owner of the system. The rental item is then automatically removed from the inventory of products.

Statistics. The system makes arrangement and collection of data easy, for example for outstanding information needs. The data collected or rised from statistical process can be given over to Microsoft Excel also, to form them according to our own need or to pass them over to other Windows applications.

Some of business reports:
- Top customer
- Top items
- Reservation (all, today, overdue, invalid...)
- Contracts (any filters, all, today...)
- Monthly rental statistic (inc. graphic chart)

Inventory availability sheet

Printer support. Normal and 80mm printer support.

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NON-Profit Rental options. Make contract without price and tax.

USA, EU and International standard address format.

Create your own rental contracts (include templates) and use any RTF editor (MS-WORD, etc.)

10/20013 - Online version beta test is starting!

Sample: Rental contract with MS-Word



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Click herre if you need labels for barcode in every sizes

You can use the software in stores for:
sport tools, machines, working tools, ships, yachts, delta, dresses, clothing, costumes, insturments, theater/event accessories, furnitures . . .

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